White Elephant Wisdom LLC is dedicated to providing clients with essential tools and practical skill sets designed to help them lead richer, less stressful lives by becoming more engaged in their own experiences. It is our pleasure to serve you through Education & Ceremony.

Vicky is a Reiki Master, Spiritual Teacher, Inspirational Speaker and Facilitator of Ceremony who uses the wisdom she’s gained through study & personal experience to assist others in navigating life’s challenges.  She is a true example of someone who has chosen to make the most of her STE’s  (‘Spiritually Transformative Events’ ….a life event that serves to change one's belief systems and outlook on life) by using her knowledge and experience to empower others.

After working through the loss of her son to suicide, then her daughter to cancer, followed by her husband (also a suicide), she developed a strong passion for helping others cope with their own grief through ritual, ceremony and mindful practices. By taking a metaphysical approach to her grief support services, she brings much needed light to a subject often shrouded in fear and darkness.

Vicky holds unique and powerful workshops that give participants lots of valuable information, resources, inspiring examples and instruction on various techniques designed to help us become more engaged in our own life experience (“Conscious Living”).  By doing so, we develop an inner calm that aids us in facing life’s challenges.

Vicky feels that Ritual and Ceremony are artistic expressions of the Soul, and often uses her years of Shamanic training to “flavor” her beautifully moving ceremonies and workshops.  She has a wide range of services to offer…something for everyone and remains both honored and humbled by the opportunity to do so.

A Note From Vicky

"It is my distinct honor to be of service to you.  Nothing gives me more pleasure than to see a genuine smile on another's face and know that I had some part in making that happen. 

Whether I am guiding others to wonderful new self-discoveries in a workshop, or presiding over a heartfelt ceremony among your family and friends, I always come away feeling truly blessed to have been a part of your lives for those moments in time.  You have my undying gratitude always." 

Sage welcomes White Elephant Wisdom!


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