​​Open Heart Reiki Infused Yoga  ​Sundays 8:30am 

Class is taught by Mary Ellen Shannon, RYT, CRM

​​This Sunday morning class will lift and energize you. Incorporating many open heart postures, this class will consists of a centering, warm-ups, sun salutations, a variety of standing, balancing, seated, reclining and basic inversion postures  Pranayama (breathe work ) will be practiced throughout class, aiding us in quieting the mind, elongating our stretches and assisting with our focus, while keeping us centered and present.   The sounds of a singing bowl will lead all into  Savasana (relaxation) and a touch of Reiki will be offered to those open to it. Class will start and conclude with the sound of Om. 

$40 for 4 classes or $12 drop in.

Hatha Flow Yoga  Saturdays 8:30am 

Class is taught by Mary Ellen Shannon, RYT, CRM
This Saturday morning Hatha Flow class will start your day off in a positive way, as you stretch your body, clear your mind and feel the peace and stillness within.
After centering and warm-up postures, we will explore Sun Salutations, Warriors, balancing and more. Some postures practiced  in a sequence, while others are held.  Breath awareness  is important and instructed throughout class.  We will  conclude class with a quiet relaxation/meditation.... as you feel the peace and stillness within, at this present moment.                                                                                       This is an on-going class, suitable for most.
Cost is $12.00 per class drop-in rate, or $40.00 for 4 class pass.

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