We love to host holistic, interesting and educational classes, workshops and events at Sage. An educated mind, body and soul gives us freedom and strength to be our authentic selves. 

If you are interested in offering your teachings at Sage, please read the below carefully and fill out and submit the form below.

Thank you!

What Sage offers:

Classroom / Studio space: 30 x 16 (480 sq. ft)
Advertising through Sage Wellness’s Facebook page, website and newsletter
Kitchenette – stove, mini refrigerator, sink, water cooler with cold and hot water and tea
Various yoga equipment
Folding chairs and tables

Practitioner responsible for:

Setup and breakdown of classes
Advertising (flyer, advertising through own channels, etc.)
Class enrollment, collecting payment and student communication


Weekly, on-going classes: (3 month minimum commitment for this price tier)

$25 per class  (payable at the end of each month)

​***Maximum occupancy time per class is 2 hours.


Workshops: Payment due day of workshop (less deposit)

$40 Half day OR 30% Commission-Which ever is GREATER

$80 Full day OR 30% Commission-Which ever is GREATER

$25 non-refundable deposit due at time of booking studio

Event:  (1 day, i.e. wellness fair, celebration) Payment due day of event (less deposit)

$50 Half day, $100 full day 

$25 non-refundable deposit due at time of booking studio

Private Office: A private office is also available for private sessions such as hypnotherapy, counseling, reiki and other quiet healing modalities.

With no lease/commitment (contract only), 35% Commission with minimum of $0 due per day.

With a lease/commitment for a minimum of 6 months. Rent to be paid monthly;

$35 per day for 1 day per week ($150/month) 

$25 per day for 2 days per week ($215/month)

$20 per day for 3 days per week ($260/month)

$18 per day for 4 days per week ($310/month)

$350 per month for full time use when available

Includes advertising through Sage's channels, cleaning, water and tea, bathroom and reception area. We also ask that you advertise through your own channels as you are an independent contractor.

 Advertising: If you would like us to boost your event on our Facebook page, we ask that you pay the Facebook fees which start at $5.

Please fill out proposal form below. You will be contacted soon by Deborah Blais-Godin. Please call 603-435-7711 with any questions. Thank you!

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Interested in offering a class, Workshop or event at Sage?